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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Links to bbq and spicy rubs

We think the weather and the olympics make a great combination for being outdoors. This weekend will be dominated by more barbecues. Update to follow after we've seen what the butcher has. We've got some spare ribs in the freezer and we'll get those out and boil them until soft before marinating. Here are some other bbq ideas:

Spicy barbecue rub
Curry rub
Chinese spice 

We're think of using our Chinese Spice rub for belly pork and cooking it on the bbq this time.

Also .... as we love experimenting, we're going to have a go at making GNOCCHI for the first time with our own tomato sauce using a tin of tomatoes.

Gnocchi is readily available in the supermarkets and we have used it before. We also had some in a restaurant once - it had been boiled then fried and it was lovely, chewy and crispy! There were just a few pieces served alongside some meat, and it made an unusual change to potatoes.

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