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Friday, 26 October 2012

The great weight loss debate

With so many debates on the best way to lose weight, we believe we have found a great way.  If you look along the top of our blog, you'll see some main TABS - these contain a lot of our thoughts on the diet debate.
Take a look at OUR IDEA - a simple eating METHOD which we think can be adapted to suit most tastes. I've often wondered why it was so difficult to lose weight whenever I followed a 'diet'.  Now, after following our method since last year, I realise that diets are not the answer to long term weight loss. I used to think it was impossible to lose weight, after constantly regaining all the weight I had lost through 'dieting'. Not any more.
Take a look at our blog - which was started in June 2011 after we had already lost quite a bit of weight. Most of the foods we ate are all documented here.
Everything we have written is our own opinion, and backed up with a 6.5 stone weight loss. We are convinced we have found a way that will be with us for life.
I'm working on the weekend menu at the moment. Unfortunately the internet hasn't been available in the last couple of days, but finally it's here! I usually keep our blog updated most days, taking pictures of our food. While the pictures show the majority of the food we eat, it is not always practical to post everything! We hope the photographs inspire and show that eating real food while losing weight is actually possible (that was the reason we started this blog anyway).  So if you need recipes, ideas or inspiration, then feel free to come back and see what we are up to.

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