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Monday, 24 December 2012

A touch of luxury - mince pies & cream

I made some mince pies yesterday - and these were absolutely delicious. I've never made sweet short crust pastry using the food processor so I thought I would give it a try. The result was amazing - the pastry was so 'short' and just about perfect. I used this recipe from the BBC Food, although I altered the amount of ground almonds in the mix (used 25g almonds and upped the flour by 50g instead). I also made more mince pies than the recipe suggested - which meant each mince pie had less calories!
My only gripe is that I had the oven on too high and slightly overcooked them. But, they didn't last long, and the brandy cream added a touch of luxury.
Now I'm not going to count calories because that's not fair but I suspect they are around 200 calories each and the cream is extra.
I have to make some more today, so I'll be watching the oven temperature!
It was the leftover shop bought mince pies that first drew our attention to calories two years ago....
The festivities were over and the mince pies lurked in the kitchen. Rather than throw them away and be wasteful, my other half would mindlessly take one every now and then as he walked past them. I picked up the half empty box and found that each one contained 230 calories. Three mindless mince pies was the equivalent to our standard Sunday roast dinner!! We just didn't realise, but now we do....  we still eat the mince pies, but savour and enjoy every mouthful.

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