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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Scallops and black pudding

Simple yet very tasty SCALLOPS & BLACK PUDDING. Serve these to your guests just as they are, or add a little salad and eat as a starter or main, depending on the number of scallops.
We used a very tasty black pudding from Bury's. Loved the texture of this black pudding - it didn't fall apart when fried - making it the perfect crisp for our scallops.
Black pudding is approx 380 calories per 100g, and as you use very small amounts it's hardly going to break the calorie bank.
Shared between two, our 'starter' came to around 250 calories. Take a look at how we made them - at around 40p each. We sourced our scallops in a different location than usual, so they were a bit more expensive but very fresh. Here's how we made them:
We used 50g of Bury's black pudding and cut this into 10 thin disks and fried until crisp. Once cooked, remove while you cook the scallops. We bought five king scallops - and as you can see, we cut them in half (horizontally).  Each scallop was cooked for about 45-60 seconds each side (depending on the thickness of the scallop) in the same saucepan as the black pudding. Paired with the sweet scallop, we couldn't have asked for a better texture.
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