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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Recipe for leftover lamb

Spicy lamb wrap
If you are wondering how to use up leftover lamb, this SPICY LAMB WRAP recipe proved to be a big hit.
With around 100g of leftover lamb, we wondered what to make. There wasn't enough for the usual shepherd's pie.
I don't know about you, but cold lamb looks very uninspiring. However, it resurrects beautifully because of the fat content.
We opted for a wrap, but wanted something spicy and interesting.
Unlike most TV celebrity chef's we just do not have every ingredient to hand. Using the ingredients we did have transformed leftover lamb into a very tasty budget meal.
You can add a sprinkle of your own favourite spice - harissa, chilli etc - before you reheat the lamb, or season with salt and pepper.
The shredded lamb can be heated through in a hot oven, dry fried or microwaved. If you want crispy lamb, as we did, use the oven or pan.
The SECRET here was the combination of cheese and lamb, which makes it oh so spectacular, and something you would easily pay good money for.
Here's our recipe:
Fry one sliced red onion together with one small sliced pepper. While this is cooking, reheat the lamb in a hot oven. Shred lamb, season with spice and place in kitchen foil, loosely closed. Put on the top oven shelf for 10 minutes, then open up and cook until hot and crispy. Spread warm tortilla wraps with yoghurt, sprinkle sparingly with chilli flakes or hot paprika if you like. Lay the hot lamb in the middle and cover with thinly sliced feta cheese, which melts beautifully. Add shredded lettuce, sliced spring onions and hot onion/pepper mix. Devour!
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