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Saturday, 21 February 2015


Teriyaki beef mooli bites
We bought Marks and Spencer's teriyaki mooli bites and liked them so much, we thought we would make our own version.
What a lovely surprise - and you can make lots of these for very little cost. These mooli bites are great for a party especially if you are on a budget, and if your guests are trying to lose weight, these little bites won't harm them. They must be less than 30 calories each, as they are just vegetables and a small amount of meat.
Buying the mooli was probably the most difficult part, but here in Bristol we have a fantastic oriental supermarket. The mooli is a very long, white radish with a bit of a 'bite' and very crunchy texture. After peeling lengthways into strips with a vegetable peeler, we created these wonderful party bites using various other vegetables which we had in the fridge. We were slow cooking a beef for a casserole (or pie) and took a few chunks of the meat, shredding it and mixing it with some teriyaki sauce. Everything was easily rolled up into a nice little parcel. The resulting snack was satisfyingly crunchy and cost very little to make! You could possibly get away with some meat from the deli and fish or prawns if you prefer. We also think you could use tinned tuna fish too. Next time we'll try this with shredded crispy duck and bean sprouts along with other salad vegetables. The dip here is teriyaki - which you can buy ready made, but as we had already marinated the beef in the teriyaki, we experimented and found the mooli bites went better with sweet chilli sauce which complemented the teriyaki. If you don't marinate the beef (or other protein) first, then just use the teriyaki sauce dip.
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