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If you love cooking and experimenting with new recipes - you've come to the right place! Not only do we have delicious recipes - we also share our SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS story.


Our weight loss idea came about after years of failed (yo-yo) dieting. We stepped back and thought about the many reasons for failure, then came up with our own plan.
As there was so much confusion about how to diet, what to eat and what not to eat, we decided there must be a much simpler way to lose weight.
We drew on our past experiences, including (short-term) diet success and failures. It occurred to us there were a number of reasons for failure (which many of our friends agreed with). These were: dieting was boring, diet food was boring, diet food was too restrictive and being 'on' a diet or 'off' a diet meant that diets got in the way of 'real life'.
You may think our idea is too simplistic, but it was designed to eliminate the reasons we felt contributed most to diet failure. Our idea tackled all of them and in January 2011 we put our plan into action.
One of the main ideas, was to test whether we could adopt a 'part-time' weight loss plan. We had no idea if a part-time method would work, as our dieting mind-set was such that diets were full-time (either on or off a diet). I don't know about you, but we had to psyche ourselves up (with willpower) before embarking on yet another diet. Not just a part-time weight loss plan, but one that was also extremely generous, where we didn't go hungry at all.
The second most common denominator (among all diets we know of), is the restriction of certain foods or food types. We decided we would not restrict anything. You'll see from our blog we ate everything - the blog is a diary of what we ate, and that's everything. Our diet was fairly well balanced - not perfect, but we were getting all the nutrients we needed at long last. It was this particular idea that appealed most - and helped (psychologically) to end any cravings. I've talked about it a lot throughout the blog, and as a long established 'dieter' I feel I am finally free from craving food. The days when I used to watch others devour a cake while I used to sit there wishing I could, but couldn't because I was 'on a diet' - are long gone. I think this part has helped me to finally think differently - after all, I know I can have whatever I want to eat.
The most astonishing result, was finding that we both lost weight at around the same rate as if we were following a full-time diet. Amazing.
The LEAP OF FAITH came when we got to the weekends and we were eating more. It seemed odd - eating more - when trying to lose weight. But we found when we were tempted to eat a little less, thinking this would equate to more weight loss, the results were not as good which surprised us.
Feel free to try this yourself, eating your own types of food. We are not medical professionals, and we cannot advise you. The blog is our own experience and our own opinion. The results are fantastic and have helped us in many ways - we are much lighter and therefore healthier as a result.
I've written so much - and really you should be reading through some of my posts just to get a feel for how liberating our experience has been. I'm reluctant to just give you the 'weight loss plan' just in case you think it can't be that simple. I must admit, once I lost all the weight with our plan, and look back at the number of years I 'deprived' myself trying to lose weight, I do get a bit annoyed.

Here is the basic starting point - the rule of thumb if you like. We played around with the number of calories and believe it is because of this, we lost so much weight. I had tried 'calorie counting' before, but (like every other diet) it never worked. So what did we do?
We carried on eating the foods we normally ate - there was no need to eat different food, or more expensive 'diet food' at all. If you fancy that piece of cake, have it, but understand where it fits into your overall daily calorie allowance. 
Don't be put off by the 'simplicity' of the idea - unlike most diets with sets of rules, do's and dont's - because we had to put in our own effort too. What didn't come naturally at the start, soon became second nature. 
For four days each week - we chose Monday to Thursday - my aim was to eat a little less than my normal calorie allowance. For example, say my daily allowance is 2000 calories, I would aim for around 1500 calories. This small deficit didn't leave me starving hungry, but left me satisfied enough with ample opportunity to nibble at a few of my favourite foods. Also - if something cropped up and I didn't manage the 1500 calorie target - I didn't beat myself up about it.
Then - for the next three days of the week (we chose Friday to Sunday because that was our social time) and we ate a full (wonderful) calorie allowance.
Take a look at our page on CALORIES for more information.  
We chose not to eat LOW-FAT PROCESSED FOOD - see why. But it's your choice - we're not
recommending anything - you are free to eat whatever you choose!

There was just one last ingredient to our simple weight loss plan - walking. We started walking a little, then extended the walks when we had time. We also found we could eat more if we walked more - and sometimes we included extra walking when we knew there was a slap up meal waiting! Generally though, we'll try to go for a walk 3 times a week and a longer one at the weekend if we can. We always walk to the pub now - a mile there and back - which amounts to a small glass of wine. 

The plan is easy to follow, sustainable and when you decide to STOP following it, the only thing that will change is - you'll get to eat more of what you are eating. There are no old eating habits to return to - unlike most diets where you return to your normal eating habits and the weight piles back on plus more.  No, with this weight loss method you do not change your 'normal' food. This will give show you you can eat anything and lose weight.

Empower yourself to take control of eating and losing weight - that's what this method will help you achieve. Choose your own food - make all the decisions and most of all take responsibility.

We don't count every last calorie either - life is too busy for that. To begin with we were quite strict, but now we have learned what they look like on the plate we feel confident enough to use calories as a rough guide. 

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Once again - we are not medical professionals, we cannot give individual advice, but we're happy to answer any of your questions relating to us.

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If you choose to follow our idea, you do so at your own risk.  Our blog is our own personal weight loss journey, and the opinions expressed are our own.  The content on this blog is meant as reference material only and not as medical or professional advice.  Your usage of this site is your acceptance of these terms. 


  1. Congrats on the weight loss to you and your partner. Sorry but I just have one question, you mentioned to "clock up enough uneaten calories to amount to 3600 - that's one whole pound in weight," however the math isn't working out. Maybe I'm misunderstanding?

    You do 4 days of 1500 calories and 3 days of 2200, that's 700 uneaten calories x 4 days = 2800 uneaten calories in a week, not 3600.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for blogging!

    1. Hi Leslie
      Thanks for asking this. Yes, I can see where the confusion is. You are totally correct - what I meant to say was precisely this: One pound in fat/weight loss should equal approx 3600 calories.
      As you clearly point out, in a week my uneaten calories were around 2800 - so... this should mean I would lose less than one pound in weight each week. The other 800 calories was made up with walking... this equated to just over one mile per day (or about 30 minutes) and at that time I estimated each mile would use up about 100 calories (I believe it's a little less now as we're lighter).
      We tried to keep to just rough calorie counting - and relax into our regime. Some weeks we walked more, some less, some not at all. It was the same with the calorie counting, where we paid more attention sometimes rather than others.
      To recap, what I said originally still stands as our general rule - and that is, 3600 calories should equal one pound in weight loss - either by not eating them or adding in a bit more walking (or your favourite gentle exercise).
      Hope this helps.
      Many thanks for the interest.

  2. Hi

    I am hoping to start this next week - i am really interested to see if i can have the same success as you have!

    Do you have a meal plan page which gives some ideas on what you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner and how you split your calories through the day? eg. breakfast 400, lunch 400, dinner 800?

    1. All the people we know who have followed this simple METHOD have achieved a successful weight loss. Good luck.
      I took the MENU page down to update. I've put this (old) MENU page back while I create a new one.
      Take a look at the CALORIE page - as this will give you more understanding.
      Also look at our PSYCHOLOGY labels - which will give you an insight to our thoughts as we successfully lost weight.

  3. Just to say thank you for the great blog with some nice recipes. I did this weight loss method for about 5 months and lost a stone and a half in that time and still use the principles to keep my weight stable since.
    Paul from Sheffield

    1. THANKS Paul that's great news you've lost all that weight and you're now in control of your weight with this easy weight management system. The method is so simple and IT WORKS.


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